Sabbath Seventh Day

The real truth about who changed the Sabbath

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Evangelism Story

Don't Give Up, No Matter What! One morning, I felt my canvassing work with my friend Puaga wasn't turning out as well as I had hoped. Most people were quite negative in their attitude toward our work, and when one woman really went out of her way to be especially rude to us, I thought this was it for the day.

It was noon, and people were going out for lunch, so we sat down to rest outside one of the offices. Fortunately, the rest and meditation did us good and we felt encouraged and determined to keep going. We walked up a flight of stairs and entered another office.

As we stood at the counter waiting to speak to someone, a smiling young man came up to us and said, “Come on in, and talk to our staff about your work!” He really made us feel welcome, and it seemed to us he knew we had something important to share with them. We walked into the work area and canvassed all the workers at their desks, making more sales that one afternoon than we had made in weeks. God is good! - Pelenatete Siaki, Unit Leader, Apia, Samoa